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Is Saivori Ghee organic and grassfed?

Yes! We only use 100% certified Organic Grassfed butter in all of our ghees. You may be wondering why we don't have it on the front of the jar. Certification is expensive and takes time. Until we're able to get certified we are allowed to list all of our organic ingredients. 

Is Saivori Ghee Gluten Free?

Yes! We do not add any gluten to our ghee...Zero gluten.

I see it's called Ghee Butter. Does Saivori Ghee have any Lactose or Casein?

Our Ghee is made the traditional way where all the Lactose and Casein is removed from the butter. We call it Ghee Butter to make it easy to recognize. 

Does Saivori Ghee have preservatives, MSG or Natural Flavor?

No, no and no! We believe in truth in labeling. We don't hide behind legal terms that allow food companies sneak 'who knows what' into your home. What you see is what you get with Saivori Ghee.

Where can I buy your Ghee?

You can purchase it on our website, at retail locations, and Atlanta area Farmers Markets.

Can I cook with Saivori Ghee?

Yes! Saivori Ghee can be used as a spread, to sauté, or even for high heat cooking like searing meat and making a vegetable stir-fry.