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About Us

Co-founder and Saivori Ghee master, Chef Lonnie, had an epiphany while reading the book The Amazing Secrets of The Yogi. This is where he first learned about Ghee. It was said that the top spiritual masters of India used this liquid gold to boost their brainpower and keep them young. He was intrigued! After making his first batch, he was hooked. The scent permeated the house and he whipped up a delicious batch of cookies right on the spot. He experimented with adding Ghee to many different dishes and found that it was not only super versatile, but imparted a delicious taste to everything he added it to.

Chef Lonnie had to share this delicious liquid gold with the world and approached his Mom, April about becoming his business partner. Being an avid home cook and Ghee lover she thought it was an excellent idea. At that time Ghee was still a bit of a mystery and wasn’t widely available. Together they spent countless hours developing flavors and searching tirelessly for the highest quality organic butter from sustainable grass fed cows. Several years later, Saivori was born. 

We are foodies and health nuts who love to cook good food! We take our health very seriously but we refuse to sacrifice good taste in the process. We apply this same philosophy to our Ghee. Healthy and yummy!

At Saivori we take a centuries old tradition and combine it with a modern twist. We're excited to introduce new flavors of creamy Ghee that are a perfect blend of old and new..remixed for a modern world.

We are proud to be a family owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia.