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About Us

Saivori is the world's first maker of premium ghee in new and tantalizing flavors.

The story of how we got into the business of clarified butter is itself, a love affair.

It started when I read The Amazing Secrets of The Yogi. It was said that the top spiritual masters of India used this liquid gold to boost their brainpower and keep them young. I was intrigued! After making my first batch, I was hooked. The scent permeated the house and I had to share this delicious liquid gold with the world. Several years later Mixte Cuisine now known as Saivori was born.

At Saivori we take a centuries old tradition and combine it with a modern esthetic. We're excited to introduce new flavors of Ghee that are a perfect blend of old and new..remixed for a modern world.

Ghee is the purest butter oil in existence. Ghee is what gives you that unforgettable savory flavor when you're eating Indian cuisine. But is equally at home in any kitchen. Clarified butter, which is similar to Ghee, is also used in some French pastries, and gives it a light and buttery delightful taste.

We start with 100% Certified Organic Butter made with cream from Grassfed happy cows. We then carefully cook out the water and allow the milk solids to caramelize giving a deliciously distinct flavor and aroma to our Ghee. 

Did I mention that we love Ghee!

Be forewarned! Once you allow this liquid gold's savory essence to grace your taste buds, you will find yourself falling in love too.

You and your family can join us, and everyone else who knows that, everyday you flavor your life with Mixte Cuisine is a day you can look back on and smile.